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UV Light Los Angeles

UV Light for HVAC

Why Is UV Light Important for HVAC?

UV light has been used in air conditioning systems since the 1970s, when researchers discovered that ultraviolet rays could kill bacteria on surfaces. Since then, UV technology has become an integral part of HVAC systems.

What Are UV Lights Used For?

UV light is often used as a disinfectant in HVAC systems. It kills germs and viruses that cause colds and flu, and it helps prevent mold growth. In addition, UV light can help reduce allergens such as pollen and dust mites.

Types of UV Lights

There are two main types of UV lights used in HVAC systems: high-pressure mercury lamps (HPM) and low-pressure mercury lamps (LPM). Both types of UV lights emit ultraviolet radiation, however, LPMs produce more energy than HPMs.

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Benefits of Using UV Lights in Los Angeles and San Diego

There are several reasons why UV light is beneficial for HVAC systems. First, it reduces the spread of bacteria and viruses by killing them. Second, it prevents mold growth. Third, it helps keep air quality clean and clear. Finally, it helps maintain the efficiency of HVAC systems.

How Do They Work?

UV light bulbs emit ultraviolet (UV) rays that kill bacteria and viruses. This makes them an effective disinfectant for air ducts and other areas where people spend a lot of time.

Where Can I Find Them?

You can find both types of UV lights at home improvement stores. They are also sold online through various retailers.

UV Lights HVAC Los Angeles
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