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Maintaining HVAC System During Summer in Los Angeles

Your HVAC system in Los Angeles or San Diego is like any other equipment because it needs care and maintenance to work correctly. Heating and cooling is a demanding job, and your HVAC system runs round the clock, especially during Californian summer and winter, to make you and your family comfortable. If you want to improve your system performance and efficiency, you must give AC maintenance a priority this summer.

For those who may not precisely know what goes on during summer HVAC maintenance in California, the following is a guide with the steps you need to take to keep your systems up and running smoothly. It is a month-by-month guide.


This is the month you should start your AC. Some homeowners feel that the outdoor temperatures are not too hot. Therefore their cooling system can take a rest. The advantage of firing up your system ahead of the season is that it helps you identify any startup issues and other performance-related problems.

Ensure you set your programmable thermostat ready for the cooling season. The temperature schedules you create should fit the occupancy schedules in your home. It is also essential to inspect your filter and assess its suitability for the upcoming heavy cooling season.

You must also check and inspect registers and return air grilles, exterior cooling equipment, and your drip pan and condensate lines.


During this month, you should again check your air filters. This is important because air filters trap lots of dust and should be inspected monthly and replaced at least once in three months. Registers and return air grilles may sometimes be blocked, and you should ensure that they are inspected and unblocked. This will ensure the airflow is not restricted. Your cooling system’s condensate drain lines and drip pans should also be inspected for clogging. Failure to do this can open the door for algae and mold.


As part of your routine inspections, ensure you do another round on the registers and return air grilles and the exterior cooling equipment. In case of any grass clippings and debris, gently brush them away and trim the vegetation that grows around your unit. Check the drip pans and condensate drain lines again. Since this is the third month of May, you must replace the air filters.


This is the last month of a regular summer in California. Your maintenance exercise will revolve around checking your filters, inspecting the registers and return air grilles, exterior cooling equipment, and the drip pan and condensate drain line.

It is essential to shut the system off when everything is working right. The winter period is quite long, and a faulty system may get worse during the period of dormancy.