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Easy Steps to Keep Your AC Running Smoothly

Tips from Top AC Company in Los Angeles

Purchasing an HVAC unit in Los Angeles, CA, is a challenging decision, and this is because of the cost involved. Once you successfully buy a unit, you should maximize the output while minimizing power consumption and the possibilities of early replacements.

The efficiency of an AC unit is partially dependent on the technology used to build it and the maintenance and care you give it. With regular attention and proper servicing, your AC unit will use approximately 30% less power thus giving you significant savings.

If you have been struggling to keep your AC running smoothly or are tired of frequent repairs and breakdowns, there are proven steps to enhance the efficiency.

Turn Off the Power

Before working on your AC, turn off the power at the breaker box and the compressor. It is dangerous to work around a unit fed by a live current. The moving parts may get damaged or you can be electrocuted in the process.

Remove Debris Buildup

Unscrew the fan cage or grill to expose the interior of the unit. This is where you normally have leaves, dust, grass clippings, and other debris trapped over time. You can use bare hands or a vacuum to remove the debris.

Clean the Condenser Coils

There is no need for special equipment when cleaning your condenser coil. All you need is a garden hose and your thumb. Pressure washers and chemicals can damage the delicate fins in your unit. Spraying the fins from the inside out can remove any buildup of dirt and debris.

The whole cleanup process can take approximately 10 minutes. If you regularly do this either in spring or early summer, you could save a lot of dollars in unplanned repairs and other expenses. Where the fins are extremely dirty, use a commercially available cleaning spray.

Straighten the Fins

Fins are very delicate AC components and with time, they may bend. One of the tune-up exercises is to straighten the fins and you can do this easily using a fin straightening tool or a butter knife. Be extra careful when doing this because rough handling can damage the tubing embedded in the fins. An AC unit with bent fins restricts airflow and reduces the efficiency of your unit.

Clean the Area around the External Unit

After hosing the unit and combing the fins, replace the grill before cleaning up the area around the condenser unit. Be on the lookout for encroaching branches and vegetation. Any leaves close to the unit should be raked back.

The rule of thumb is to have approximately 2 feet of clear space in all directions around the unit. This maximizes airflow. During cold months, cover the AC condenser to prevent branches, leaves, and other debris from clogging the interiors.

Level the Unit

Soil tends to accumulate underneath the condenser unit. This causes the pad under the unit to tip. A condenser unit resting on an uneven surface is more likely to fail prematurely. Check the leveling and correct the incline using weatherproof, rot-resistant shims.

Other components to look out for and give attention to include the evaporator coil, the drain line and pan, and the filters. Consider hiring a local HVAC technician in Los Angeles if you can only do some of this yourself.