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  • Ashley Simpson

Stopping animals from accessing and damaging your AC unit

Some animals are gracious and unquestionably loveable. However, when you think about what they can do to your AC equipment, you would want to do everything you can to keep them at bay. Unwanted visitors such as rodents can damage your AC unit and if this happens during summer in Los Angeles or San Diego, then you know the discomfort it subjects you and your family into. The most significant concern is that these pets and wild animals roam freely around your home or pop from your neighbor’s side of the fence.

An AC unit is not a cheap investment; your first responsibility is to protect and maintain it so that the total cost of ownership can be at its lowest. You can consider and adopt the following tips to help stop these animals from damaging your unit.


If you have pets, you may be in the habit of leaving food outside for convenience so that whenever your pets are hungry, they can always rush in and eat. While your intentions are good, the chances of attracting unwanted animals are high when you leave food outside.


Yard maintenance is not a one-off event. Instead, it is something you need to do throughout the year. Ensure the grass is kept short always, and no debris is around the lawn area where the outdoor component of your AC unit is installed. The more the grass in your yard, the more these little creatures prowl. Interestingly, they love taller grass because it gives them an advantage and an opportunity to hind from predators.

If you are too busy to take care of your yard regularly, you are encouraged to hire landscapers and gardeners to help you out. Look at the cost of hiring a garden vis-à-vis the expense you are likely to incur if you are to repair your damaged AC unit in Los Angeles or San Diego.


You may keep your yard clean and not leave any food outside, but still, animals may roam around your property. At this point, the best approach is to set some traps to catch the animals or use repellents to keep them away from your AC equipment. There are special traps that can capture them without necessarily killing them. You can later release them into the wild or hand them over to an animal rescue group if you have one in your area.


Some animals may hide in your air ducts. If this happens, they may cause damage to the various components they can access. You may not be in a position to inspect the ducts yourself, but you can get in touch with an HVAC technician in Los Angeles or San Diego. Normally, the technician will inspect your home during each visit as they check out the other components.

Suppose you have discovered late that animals have damaged your AC unit. In that case, you should immediately notify a professional AC technician in California to come and assess the nature of the damage and help you fix it.

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